Event Center Expertise

Madeline FitzGerald - Managing Director

Madeline started with Boston Financial in 1981 in the Mutual Fund business line. She began with the Settlement Administration division during its inception, and has been crucial to the department's growth and development. She has overseen numerous class action and SEC Fair Fund distributions, and consequently has an impressive understanding of the financial industry and settlement administration business. She is renowned as a leader in the field of process optimization, and is consistently recognized by clients for her thorough organizational skills and hands-on approach to class actions.

Ellen Brown - Client Service Officer

Ellen has vast experience in the financial services industry with a heavy concentration on operational best practices and quality control. As an Officer in the Settlement Administration group, she is responsible for the overall execution and delivery of call center service and transaction processing excellence. Ellen is highly skilled at forecasting resource requirements and aligning those resources with activity which allows us to effectively support variations in activity in dynamic conditions. Ellen actively participates in corporate thought leadership initiatives which enable her to bring a fresh approach as well as creative and custom solutions to each settlement program.